Join Marius in creating art using the human figure

Marius Budu is an internationally celebrated artist working with photography and the human figure for over 20 years. He has taught master classes and workshops throughout Europe. His unique visual style and approach to nude art photography strongly appeals to those who want to go beyond photography and make art. Marius is very passionate about his art and loves sharing his knowledge, insight and experience with others.

This page contains information about on-going and upcoming opportunities to develop your artistic sense and create beautiful, unique nude art images under Marius’ guidance.

Master Classes (1 on 1 Sessions)

While there is a lot that can be learned in group workshops, booking a 1 on 1 session is by far the best way to learn how to create art photography using the human figure.

Careful attention is given to your individual needs and the training is catered to your level of experience and the area you wish to focus on.

All aspects of working with models, light, composition, building narrative in your work and retouching will be covered in great detail. This offers you the unique opportunity to dive into the minute details of the creative process and help you create powerful images that tell a story and truly make an impact.

*Please note that you must have your own camera equipment and have at least basic knowledge of shooting in Manual mode.


Pricing for 1 on 1 sessions starts at €2500

This includes a full day in the studio with Marius, a local professional nude art model and the studio & equipment rental fees.

Pricing varies based on your individual needs and requests. For example, additional models can be booked, body painting can be used, and so on.

Please contact us via email to book a class and take your photography to the next level:

Master Classes (Group Sessions)

Marius organizes Nude Art Photography Master Classes with a specific theme and also works with international organizers to hold classes throughout Europe. Please keep an eye out on this page and Marius’ social media channels for upcoming opportunities.

If you have a group of photographers interested in booking a class with Marius, please get in touch via email:


“I had the honor to have Marius Budu at one of my photography masterclass in Rome as a fine art teacher. I was impressed by his professionalism and charisma, the attendees really enjoyed his class and the models were very happy to work with such a great and humble artist. His art is truly an inspiration for my clients which had a great weekend in a smooth and relaxed atmosphere creating beautiful images with his help.”

Valentina Feula (Photography Masterclass Organizer – Rome, Italy)

“I joined Marius on his first workshop in Rome – it was great to be shown how to look at the human body in a different light, to use parts of the body, angles and light and shadows to create stunning images.

Marius has great enthusiasm for his art and attention to detail in his photography, which he is happy to pass on to the members of the class. I can highly recommend Marius Budu’s workshops.”

Robert Manley (Photographer – London, UK)

“There are photographers and there are artists who use photography to create much more than just pictures – Marius is truly an artist.

I commissioned Marius for a private workshop because I admire his vision. Being a bit insecure about my photography, I was unsure what I would get out of it on a personal level but I wanted to try something different. Marius was patient, empathetic and helped me find what I was missing in my creative search. He taught me how to get past the camera, past the subject matter and find meaning and wonder in my art again.”

Line Jensen (Photographer – Copenhagen, Denmark)

Get in touch

Marius lives and works In Copenhagen, Denmark but is available to travel anywhere in the world at your request.

To sign up for classes with Marius, or for any other questions you might have, please contact us via email:

We look forward to hearing from you!