Welcome to a new way of collecting art where you become an active part of its creation.

Marius is available to create commissioned art pieces where you play a decisive role in the process and become the muse yourself.

A safe space to make uniquely personal art

What is a private art photography commission?

An Individualized, immersive art photography session designed to take you on a journey of inner exploration. This unique experience will offer you a new, creative way of working with your body to create powerful art pieces.

Marius Budu, a fine art photographer with over 20 years of experience will be your guide. Together, you will craft a concept that you will explore while he provides the guidance and support needed to ensure that you get the most out of your journey.

During this process, you become an empowered muse. Creation is an active, driven, and passionate journey which you will embark on, using your body and mind in tandem for the purpose of creative expression and a celebration of your true self through art. This will allow your unique self to be expressed in a powerful way as truly one-of-a-kind art pieces.

What is the process?

We start off by having a discussion about what you want to capture in the images as that is a major aspect of the concept-building stage. We discuss the creative approach, choose a visual style and build a narrative to work towards. All of the details about preparation, the shoot and what to expect are discussed as well.

During the photo session, we explore the visual concept we decided upon in a relaxed, stress-free and creative space that fuels our creativity.

Within a week after the shoot, you will receive samples of the best images from our session and together we spend some time to decide on the best selection that you wish to have retouched and processed.

The last step is to create a beautiful ebook, a printed hardcover album, and fine art prints to commemorate your experience and showcase the unique art pieces we created in your home.

Your own work on your own walls

How long does it take?

From our initial meeting to delivering the final images, album and framed prints, a lot of work and care goes into ensuring that you have a wonderful time creating something that you love and that everything you receive to commemorate that experience is of the highest quality. As such, about eight to ten weeks are needed to complete the process.

Will the images be published?

This is entirely up to you. If you wish to share the work yourself or have the work shared via Marius’ various publishing channels, that is an option. If you prefer the process and results to remain private that is something we are happy to accommodate. Some of our clients are public persons who prefer their privacy and we can guarantee it. These details are always discussed during the initial meeting.

The Investment

Customized packages can be created to suit your needs.
These options are meant to act as a starting guide.

Option 1

• Full day photo shoot
• 20 retouched and processed images
• E-Book
• Framed Fine Art Print (47x70cm)

Starting from €9,500

Option 2

• Full day photo shoot
• 30 retouched and processed images
• Hardcover photo album (30x30cm) + E-Book
• Framed Fine Art Print (47x70cm)

Starting from €12,500

Option 3

• Full day photo shoot
• 40 retouched and processed images
• Hardcover photo album (30x30cm) + E-Book
• 2 Framed Fine Art Prints (47x70cm)

Starting from €17,500

Additional Albums & Prints

Additional albums and fine art prints can be obtained either before or after the photo session.

• Additional copies of the hardcover photo album – €600 (each)

• Framed fine art prints:

120x80cm – €4,000
47x70cm – €2,500
30x45cm – €1,000

* For international clients, there are additional shipping and package insurance costs that are determined on an individual basis.
** Print sizes can be adjusted as per your requirements


A few words from collectors who commissioned art shoots with Marius:

“Marius shoots real people, for real art. I think his greatest strength was making me, as his subject feel completely comfortable and really good about being myself. He always made me feel truly beautiful, and empowered. I felt valued and unique when I worked with him, which for me, is a rare feeling. The shoot was incredibly fun and his knowledge of composition and his willingness to experiment with odd angles made for some absolutely stunning images, and a gorgeous art book.”

– Erin S.

“We first saw Marius’ art exhibited in France during our holiday in Arles and fell in love with his vision. My husband immediately bought a print of one of his pieces for his office and we kept in touch afterwards. The more of his work I saw the more I dreamed of having some abstract nudes of myself taken so one day I called him and asked if this is something he would consider. I was overjoyed to hear that this is in fact something he does often. He flew out here (Norway) and we spent an incredible day creating art. Everything was effortless, I felt at ease as Marius and I explored the idea we agreed on and I could feel myself burst with joy when he would show me images as we were shooting. I never thought the photos would turn out so amazing since I had never modeled before and didn’t really know what to expect. Luckily, with Marius’ guidance, everything worked like a dream. This is one of the best experiences I have ever had. Marius is a uniquely talented individual, extremely professional, patient and caring. I very highly recommend working with him.”

– Linnea S.

“I gifted my wife a photo session with Marius and I could not be happier with the decision. I met Marius at a gallery opening and we got to chatting. As we had met before, he asked how my wife was doing and I mentioned that our anniversary was coming up and I was still trying to find the perfect present for her. She practices Yoga and we both love nude photography so it seemed like a great fit. When she got home from the studio after her shoot, she was glowing and told me everything in great detail. She was over the moon when she received the images. The prints now hang on our living room wall and she shows the book to everyone when they visit. The answer to “What do you get someone who has it all is: a photo shoot with Marius Budu.”

– Christian J.

Get in touch

Marius lives and works In Copenhagen, Denmark but is available to travel anywhere in the world at your request.

To begin creating art in collaboration with Marius, or for any other questions you might have, please contact us via email: info@mariusbudu.com

We look forward to hearing from you!