A tribute to Gian Lorenzo Bernini


I have always admired the work of Bernini. His incredible ability to depict human frailty, power and sensuality in marble has captivated me since I first saw one of his sculptures. During one of my trips to Rome, I visited Galleria Borghese where among many of his brilliant sculptures, I saw an unfinished piece entitled ‘Truth Unveiled by Time’. Here, Bernini intended to show ‘Truth’ as a naked young woman being unveiled by a figure representing ‘Time‘ above her, but the figure of ‘Time’ was never executed.

This experience inspired me to create an image series as a tribute to Bernini’s work using this concept of depicting abstract parts of a figure that slowly unveil a greater whole without ever fully giving away the entire story. The beauty and truth of the figure unfolds as the immaterial concept of time melts away leaving only moments recorded in marble.


Muse: Lilith Etch – www.lilithetch.com

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