During our dreams, how do we know we are actually dreaming? It is only when we awake that we realize we were dreaming.

Phantasmagoria is a project analyzing the relationship between the dreamer, dreams and the way we bridge our conscious and unconscious awareness of the self. It asks questions about our role in dreams and the role of dreams in our waking life.

In the same way that a conductor leads an orchestra into a musical fervor, Phantasmagoria leads the dreamer on a very intimate and powerful journey where they take on the roles of both, protagonist and audience at the same time. During this experience, the self unfolds and is analyzed simultaneously by the dreamer leading to a surreal experience of the self – the flesh morphing, the spirit traveling on multiple wavelengths and the notion of self taking on a fluid and multi-faceted form.


Muse: Veronika



Direction, Cinematography & Editing: Marius Budu
Muse: Veronika
Music: Morten Jæger & Marius Budu
Logo design: Sebastian Boros

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