The year 2020 got me thinking a lot about the world, relationships and how much can be achieved when people come together for a greater cause.

I entitled the first series “Alpha” to illustrate the idea that in order to achieve anything great, we must come together and take steps that surpass our individual needs towards a greater purpose.

This second series, “Omega” illustrates the end goal of people working together – achievements that outlast us all and live on in history long after we are gone. The creators become abstract notions but what we bring into the world serves generations to come.

Muses: Aja Jane, Kyle Patrick, Petr Devaikin, Bonny Zahara, Delfine Dahlia, Nils Loe, Victoria G. and Estela Suarez
BTS Photography: Leonardo Julian Rossi

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The images in this series are available as limited edition fine art prints.

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