There is a constant war raging inside each one of us. We are torn between our thoughts, needs and desires and the external pressure that always pushes us to conform to certain norms that are meant to make us complacent members of society. But inside our minds, bodies and souls we are constantly diverging, constantly seeking new paths, sometimes harmonious with who we see ourselves to be and sometimes in direct contrast with these notions of self. Actively or passively we engage in this constant fragmentation of who we are for the sake of who we want to be, and the whole while dancing with extrinsic notions of who we ought to be. This process happens beneath the surface and is rarely seen by those surrounding us for history shows us that when the seams burst and all this turmoil pours out, we are labeled insane and cast out. Part hallucination, part contemplation and part observation, ‘Divergent’ is a visual tribute to this never-ending internal confrontation with the self.


Muse: Stephanie Sahlgren

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The images in this series are available as limited edition fine art prints.

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